Flow of Dis-Ease

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Flow of Dis-Ease

I. Primary Causes of Dis-Ease

Violation of Natural Law:

Blockage of Flow Resulting From:

  • Internal:
    • Stress – Body, Mind, Spirit, Social and Environmental
    • Lack of Education and Awareness – Ignorance of Body and Social Messages
    • Mental Factors – Excess Anger, Grief, Greed, Etc.
    • Heredity – Bad Genes Resulting in Increased or Decreased Nutrient Needs
    • Allergic Reactivity – Allergies
  • External:
    • Toxicity – Synthetic or Autotoxicity
    • Trauma – Micro or Major
    • Pathogen – Micro-Organism Out of its Natural Environment
    • Perverse Energy – Excess Heat, Cold, Wind, Dryness, Humidity, Microwave, EMR, X-Ray, Etc.
    • Deficiency or Excess of Nutrients – Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Air, Exercise, Love, Friendship, Intellectual Stimulation, Etc.

II. Adaptation Syndrome

(Mostly Symptom-Free) Functional Disturbance of Organs

III. Exhaustion Stage

Organic Dysfunction in Physical Makeup of Organs (Inflamed or Degenerative)

IV. Death

(of Cells, Organs, Organ Systems or of Total Organism)

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