SafeSpace II


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New Design! This 1-inch pendant provides a seven-foot circle of protection, shielding you from the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields, Wi-Fi, geopathic stress zones and other forms of environmental stress. It is ideal for work situations and other Wi-Fi saturated environments, as well as for travel.


Product Details

  • Range: Radiates a seven-foot protective field around the body
  • Size: 1″ pendant, .25″ thick
  • Material: Silver-plated metal rim framing glass on front and back
    Enclosed infused silver holographic circuit can be worn on either side facing the body


  • Black silicone rubber cord; 2mm x 18″ stretchy cord with a hidden pin-clasp
  • Silver snake chain; 1mm x 24″
  • Steel ball chain; 4″ ball chain can be attached to belt loop or strap

SafeSpace II

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Keeping protection close

When you keep the SafeSpace II on or close to your body, such as in a pocket, it provides an extra layer of personal protection against EMFs that can affect the way you think and feel. Highly disruptive energy fields from cell phones and towers, high-voltage power lines, microwaves and other appliances, electric current and even the earth can cause a variety of health issues, from lack of energy to DNA damage.

The protective field the SafeSpace II sets up around your body reduces the toxic effects of harmful electromagnetic energies and a host of other ambient threats. By keeping your body’s subtle energy and electrical system in balance, it helps you stay energized and strong throughout the day.

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Stay protected around:

  • Computer areas and laptops
  • Wi-Fi in environments
  • Smart Meters
  • Airline travel…counters jet lag
  • Cars, trucks and more

How it works

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The SafeSpace II is permanently imprinted with a vibrational program encoded with specific frequencies to radiate a powerful field that protects you from the toxic effects of EMFs. The imprinted program is very stable, and it cannot be weakened, altered or neutralized. You can wear it, carry it in your pocket or purse, or use it as a keychain. It is especially effective in protecting against EMFs from Wi-Fi when you use your computer or tablet.


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