Can you tell me about a typical consultation?

An initial session with this device takes approximately 1-1.5 hours, which allows for the completion of the consent form as well as identifying lifestyle issues and medical history to help cue the biofeedback device to any particular health risks you may have. This interview provides a numerical value calculated by the device to reflect your impediment to healing. The lower the score, the fewer impediments to healing. Once this is completed, you may be connected to the device with a head harness and limb straps. The device is [...]

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How does Quantum Biofeedback work?

The functions of the Eductor Biofeedback System are similar to that of a virus-scan on a computer. The Eductor detects the reactivity of stress in areas such as the chakra system, the endocrine/hormone system, the immune system, and digestive system by calculating the electro-physiological reactivity in those four areas. This stress data offers you an understanding of your current condition, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The information is inevitably different from that provided by more standard medical tests (e.g. blood tests, X-rays) because it focuses in on your energetic body, [...]

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What is Modern Complex Homeopathy, and how it work?

Based on Hahnemann's Classical 200 year old Law of Similars, combination Homeopathic remedies are derived from an extraordinarily wide variety of plant, animal and mineral substances. They are made through a process of serial dilutions, where the original substance is diluted in water and is ‘succussed’ by hand, meaning that it is energized by shaking/mixing the dilution. The resultant remedy solution is then diluted and succussed again. This process is done repeatedly, sometimes hundreds or thousands of times, resulting in an extremely dilute and highly energetically potent remedy. [...]

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What should I expect after taking a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathy recognizes the fact that everyone is different. Just as each person needs a remedy specific to his or her unique symptom totality, he or she should also expect a unique response to his or her remedy. No two people respond to a remedy in the same way, in that relief will come quickly or slowly depending on their health and life circumstances. No matter what the situation, the goal of homeopathy is a restoration of the health of the person as a whole, not simply the eradication [...]

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How do I schedule my first appointment?

You may schedule in by calling us toll free: 1-866-989-wdha(9342), or you may call our local number: 303-828-4439.  Dr. Bill works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am and finishes his last client by 5:00pm.  If you need a consultation outside of his hours, or on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at available hours, you may schedule with Patty Kostoff, CBT, HTC by calling the same phone numbers.

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How frequently can I have a biofeedback session?

The body requires 72 to 100 hours to fully integrate the frequencies it receives in a regular biofeedback session and repeating a test scan within this period is not recommended for that reason. Thus, the shortest interval between sessions is usually one week. In emergency or critical situations, stress reduction can continue as needed without the main test scan.

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What biofeedback programs are included in a stress reduction session?

In all five areas of life, namely Environmental, Physical ,Mental, Social and Spiritual, biofeedback can be used very effectively in reducing stress, thus enhancing wellness and enjoyment of the human experience. The following programs can be used by our trained professionals: Weight Loss Stimulation, Electro Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Iridology, Brain Wave Balancing, Allergen De-sensitization, TMJ Stabilization. Focused programs include: Anti Degeneration, Injury, Pain Relief, Neurological Stabilization. Sleep & Relaxation Training. Balancing Vital Digestion Functions. Sports Therapies include: Oxygenation, Muscle Building, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Anti Inflammation, Parasympathetic-Sympathetic & Autonomic Nervous [...]

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Why are conventional (allopathic) physicians so opposed to natural medicine?

It’s true.  Most conventional (allopathic) physicians are opposed to even hearing about homeopathy or any type of holistic medicine.  Many will try to dissuade you from seeing a homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor, herbologist, etc. and mention reasons why these holistic techniques might harm you. Many conventional physicians ridicule natural medicine and describe it (inaccurately) as nothing more than an expensive placebo. Most of these physicians are simply uninformed about natural medicine.  They have never experienced the effects of natural medicine, have never studied it, and have no basis by which [...]

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