The Pro Eductor Cybernetic System is the most sophisticated instrument in the world of Stress Reduction today.  Combining applications of Biofeedback and many other Stress Management Programs, the technology provides you with the one of the best options in complementary care. By including the Pro Eductor Biofeedback Technology and it’s multiple computerized Stress Reducing software programs, you can gain deep insight into vital bio-energetic information.

How Does the Pro Eductor Work?

The PRO EDUCTOR is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at the most primal of physiological levels. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the body’s cells, organs, etc. resonate and that by returning these frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that occurred because of the disruption can be corrected.

The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps providing an objective, accurate and precise picture of the client’s general stress profile. This information is selected and listed by the Pro Eductor in order of the highest reaction, and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session.

Studies have shown that people who are over-stressed produce different patterns of brain waves than those who are not over-stressed. These studies revealed that reversal of that stress via techniques such as biofeedback, which employ the individual in controlling their return to stress-free living, can result in the abnormal patterns becoming normal.

The PRO EDUCTOR communicates with an individual’s stress levels so that this information can be used to make one aware of stress patterns and retrain the physiological stress patterns. This consequently enables a decrease in those stress levels.

The overall goal is to reduce stress, train the body to better manage stress, thus improving physical and emotional being.

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Primary Functions:

The EDUCTOR is indicated for use as a Biofeedback system, with the following primary functions:

  • Stress Reduction and Lifestyle Questionnaire.
  • Simple EEG (electroencephalography) biofeedback brain wave stress reduction.
  • Three-pole ECG (electrocardiography) simple heart awareness and biofeedback stress reduction.
  • EMG (electromyography) biofeedback for simple re-education of muscles.
  • GSR (galvanic skin response) biofeedback.
  • TVEP (transcutaneous voltammetric evoked potential) biofeedback.
  • MENS (Microcurrent Transcutaneous Electro Nerval Stimulation) for pain reduction in the cybernetic biofeedback loop.

Key Benefits:

This combination of Biofeedback applications and micro-current stimulation has proven positive effects in the following areas:

  • Stress Detection & Reduction – Strengthened Immune System. Better Cardiovascular Health.
  • Less Depression – Promote Healing – Relaxation intervention can improve the healing of trauma and/or wounds.
  • Reduction of Pain – Micro-current Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulation (MENS) for pain reduction in the cybernetic biofeedback loop.
  • Muscular Re-Education – Injury, Muscle Weakness, Dystonia, Reduction of Pain

The Eductor64 Software

The Eductor64 is the operating software behind the Pro Eductor, the largest medical software in the energetic medicine world today. With every new version, the software is enlarged and improved to offer our Biofeedback Specialists the best means to help their clients manage their stress.

Eductor64 base applications include:

  • Meridian System Correction
  • Scalar Auto Program
  • Trivector Program
  • Muscular Re-Education for Athletes
  • Muscular Re-Education for Injured Muscles
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • EMG, EEG, ECG, GSR Biofeedback Chart
  • Hyper-Reactant Reactivity Training

The Pro Eductor Cybernetic System is a vastly improved, fully registered device and contains professional EEG, EMG, ECG chips, four wave signal generators for 3D visual graphic representations, Wi-Fi connection, micro-micro operations, an LCD screen, Cranial Electrical Stimulation Harnesses and much more, including an improved Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface (the proprietary reactivity test process) for which all previous models use.

There is also a built-in reduced small frequency interference system which enables a much greater precision, range and effectiveness of MTENS, MCES, EWH, TVEP, ETM and Scalar Wave Functions. In addition, Amplitude of the generators can be set separately for all of them.

An additional three technologically advanced signal generators have greatly improved the Pro Eductor’s Electro-Stimulation Capacities, compared to the single generator in previous models. This three stimulation system allows for a full 3 Dimensional Scalar Field and 1000% increased stimulation versatility.

Chakra balancing, pain management, anxiety relief, addiction therapy and electro-trauma healing therapies are now more effective than ever in the new Pro Eductor, giving you/your clients the most comprehensive and effective therapies available.


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