Homeo-Therapeutic Coach – Certification Course

There are two good reasons to consider an investment in this Course. Number one:  professional, legal status protection, with mediation insurance available, and number two, securing your practice profitability in these challenging economic times.

Please call and make an appointment for the free basic introduction course with Dr. Bill Cunningham PhD. He will also act as Mentor for the students taking the course and will assist you in proceeding through your course faster and more enjoyably.

HTC Course

  • Please Call 1-866-989-wdha(9342) for more information.



Health and Wellness Coach Course

The purpose of the course is to give broad based instruction in the art of wellness consultation for the alternative natural practitioner. Legally, it emphasizes and cautions the unlicensed practitioner in the correct way to measure and enhance wellness versus the trouble attracting ways that imply the practice of medicine without a license. The verbal cues that you can use to refer to your status are taught properly. A top alternative medicine lawyer is also available to help fine tune your waiver forms and websites if needed.

The bulk of the info however is not about legalities; it is basic, common sense wellness measurement and enhancement procedure for the non-licensed lay practitioner – with Professor Nelson at his witty and informative best! “Don’t let the EPFX de-skill you! The more you learn about anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, the better practitioner you’ll be!” – Professor Nelson at the December 2002 Bahamas Seminar

HWC Course

  • The HWC course is a very basic health care course contained within 3 books and a flash drive containing approximately 12 hours of wellness information. It is given by the eminent Professor Nelson himself. It is accompanied by a 150 page book with 28 open book questions to answer for completion and certification.