Homeopathy recognizes the fact that everyone is different. Just as each person needs a remedy specific to his or her unique symptom totality, he or she should also expect a unique response to his or her remedy.

No two people respond to a remedy in the same way, in that relief will come quickly or slowly depending on their health and life circumstances. No matter what the situation, the goal of homeopathy is a restoration of the health of the person as a whole, not simply the eradication of a specific symptom or condition.

Thanks to the experience of the great homeopathic practitioners, we can say that relief from illness—no matter what kind it is—begins in the person’s mental and emotional state, as well as in their level of energy or life force. Recovery begins from the inside, in the center of the person, and moves outward.

If relief were to either take place in the brain/mind or in the arms and legs, we would want to see it in the brain/mind first. The mind is more central and represents the person more profoundly than do the arms and legs—we can live without arms and legs, but not our brain/minds.

There are a number of possible responses to remedies, too many to address here. Your practitioner ought to be able to further discuss this subject with you. For more information on this, please visit here.