Biofeedback has been incorporated into a wide variety of different areas due to the positive results from Stress Reduction and Stress Management.

Individuals and families find it an affordable, safe and easy to use tool for monitoring and managing all kinds of stress and stress related symptoms at home. Many individuals complete their Biofeedback Specialist Certification and begin a private practice, helping others, while others team up and see clients with their device in wellness centers, doctors and chiropractors offices.

• Practitioners, Clinicians and Therapists from a wide array of complementary modalities use biofeedback as an additional technique to educate their clients, assist with managing stress and pain and teach people how to take control of their lives, making positive changes in their physiological states and their overall health.

• Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors and Mental Health Clinicians use biofeedback as a influential part of their professional services.  Biofeedback enables the practitioner to identify and retain stress responses and emotions linked with traumas that are most reactive for that client. This can often help build rapport and speed the therapeutic process immensely.

• Olympic Athletes, Professional Trainers and Coaches have been using biofeedback for years to enhance performance. Stress reduction and pain management can really give athletes an edge in their sport.  We have practitioners who have received recognition internationally for achieving outstanding results working with Olympic athletes and professional sports teams.

• Health professionals of all modalities find that the biofeedback matrix reactions provides valuable clues and benefits to stressors most affecting a client. This facilitates a more individualized and effective stress management intervention, without the use of toxic medications or invasive measures.

• Doctors and Nurse Practitioners find biofeedback a less costly, drug free, non-invasive, accurate assessment tool. Using this tool they can educate their clients about the stressors which may be at the root of their diagnoses or illnesses.