Meet The Team

<strong>Dr. William J. (Bill) Cunningham, Ph.D.</strong>
Dr. William J. (Bill) Cunningham, Ph.D.WDHA President, R.W.C., H.T.C., H.M.A., I.A.C.T.
Dr. Bill Cunningham first began his apprenticeship in Biofeedback and Homeopathy in 1990 with the innovator of Quantum Biofeedback Prof. Wm Nelson.   He demonstrated a passion for the healing arts and thus used his natural ability as a practitioner, teacher and instructor.  He diligently learned the intricacies of Quantum Biofeedback, Modern Complex Homeopathy, and the art of training practitioners.  Since then, Dr. Cunningham has shared this passion and educated thousands of others with his wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the healing of the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Cunningham has since utilized Homeopathy and Quantum Biofeedback for himself, his clients, his family and friends for over 28 years.  During this time, he has raised his family of 9 healthy children, and now 10 grandchildren with the support of these modalities, and absolutely no pharmaceuticals.  Now, in his 28th year of practice, Dr. Cunningham has worked with over 40,000 clients with an FDA registered Biofeedback Device called the Eductor and an FDA registered homeopathic repertory of over 200 unique and effective remedies.

By utilizing both Biofeedback and Homeopathy, he has guided both practitioners and clients to their optimal wellness, and thus witnessed thousands of successful outcomes with even the most difficult health concerns.

<strong>Mrs. Patricia Cunningham, B.A.</strong>
Mrs. Patricia Cunningham, B.A. WDHA Vice-President, C.M.T, R.W.C., H.T.C.
Patricia first began her humanitarian journey when she joined the Peace Corps in 1967, and she didn’t stop there.  After departing the Peace Corps, she pioneered one of the first natural food stores and miso factories available in the U.S. in 1975 – The Good Earth Trading Company and The Ohio Miso Factory. This is where Patricia’s love of natural food, gardening, cooking , food preservation/fermentation and teaching began. This store was really the cornerstone of the beginning of her over 40 years of holistic health, training and education.
After receiving her BA degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Patricia embarked on a new facet of natural living.  She began a practical apprenticeship with an accomplished midwife in Ohio as a birth attendant and became well versed in providing natural childbirth education.

In 1989, Patricia attended the Boulder School of Massage Therapy and became a Certified Massage Therapist. Soon thereafter, Patricia met Bill Cunningham, and White Dove Healing Arts was born.   Since then, Patricia has raised her thriving family of 9 children and 6 grandchildren with natural means, and of course no allopathic drugs or vaccines.  Patricia is now the key Administrator for White Dove Healing Arts, in charge of procuring all Nelsonian Homeopathics and guiding practitioners through their unique learning experiences.  Alongside Dr. Bill, Patricia has also stood as witness to the many health success stories from family, practitioners and clients alike.

<strong>Jacob A. Cunningham</strong>
Jacob A. CunninghamTechnology Sales & Marketing
Jake studied his college education at Santa Barbara City College in 2003 with a Degree in Business, Film and Communications. During college, he began assisting practitioners in successfully implementing biofeedback technologies into their practices. In 2013, Jake founded White Dove Global Marketing, Ltd. with the goal to establish consistency and results through solid partnerships, product lines, training systems and marketing programs.
<strong>Cally Cunningham</strong>
Cally CunninghamDirector of Stress Reduction
Cally Cunningham, the Calico Cat is proud to be a part of the White Dove Family. Having been a long time addict to Catnip, mice and hairballs, Cally made the personal choice to find a family that cared about the overall health of a feline. Now, enjoying the benefits of eating good food, taking long, warm and cozy naps on the couch and being around people she loves, there is no longing to get hopped up, clogged up or binge on junk food (rats) any more. You too can benefit like Cally did by contacting this great family today!