Whether or not to immunize is a complex and often times difficult decision today.

There is no question that adverse events to vaccines are seriously underreported in this country and that very often a parent’s complaints are dismissed offhandedly and sometimes ridiculed by otherwise caring physicians.

It is also clear that a great many of the recommended childhood vaccinations do not make good sense. Data from Europe indicate that many of the childhood illnesses may actually impart a benefit to the immune system throughout ones life, and that children who acquire immunity through the actual disease process have significantly lower rates of chronic illnesses later in life, including allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

It is a well-known fact that natural immunity (that develops after acquiring the illness) tends to be life-long. Immunity that is acquired through immunization is generally of a shorter duration requiring re-immunization only a few years later. The significance of this fact can be profound when one considers that many of these illnesses can be benign when acquired as a child, but can be devastating when acquired as a teenager or an adult. Therefore, homeopathic immune strengthening is highly advisable if one chooses not to immunize one’s children.