An initial session with this device takes approximately 1-1.5 hours, which allows for the completion of the consent form as well as identifying lifestyle issues and medical history to help cue the biofeedback device to any particular health risks you may have. This interview provides a numerical value calculated by the device to reflect your impediment to healing. The lower the score, the fewer impediments to healing. Once this is completed, you may be connected to the device with a head harness and limb straps. The device is then calibrated to you and the test scan proceeds for about four minutes, measuring the resonance or response of the body to over 12,000 items (including minerals, vitamins, toxins, allergens, viruses, pathogens, organ functions, etc.).

When the test is complete, we will review the highest risk items and begin to attempt correction of priority conditions by means of stress reduction techniques via the Eductor Biofeedback Device. This process usually begins with balancing stress and vital organs to better enable the body to begin healing. The more specialized biofeedback programs can then be utilized for appropriate strategies so future sessions can be developed.

Modern Complex Homeopathics will be recommended to you based on your test results. Follow-up sessions are approximately one hour and may involve a review of any lifestyle or symptom changes to report. Once this is accomplished, the session proceeds as before, continuing stress reduction according to your particular needs and the wellness plan established after this session.