Homeo-Therapuetic Coach Certification Course


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Accredited by the NTCB, The IMUNE, and IQUIM for 60 CEUS. Mentored by WM J Cunningham International, advanced certified trainer for NTCB and IMUNE.


The HTC Coach course is presented as a 60 hour audio series.

The course is a fascinating basic revelation of modern, complex homeopathy with classical singular homeopathy as a jumping off point into the quantum world of the art and practice of homeopathy. Homeopathy’s 200-year history is reviewed, and validation of homeopathy’s place in the world today as a safe, effective and inexpensive way of healthcare for millions of people around the world.

There is also a review of over 300 FDA registered homeopathic remedies.

William Cunningham preserves the original HTC information and adds his own charisma and over 20+ years of experience!

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