Metabolic 1


Indication: Metabolic disorders


1 fl. oz.

Indication: Metabolic disorders

Ingredients: All Glandulars 5x-30x, 60x-100x, 500x, 1000x. All Cell Salts 6x-12x, 30x-500x, 1000x. All Amino Acids 10x-30x, 50m. All Parts of Krebs Cycle 12x-30x, 50m. RNA/DNA 30x-100x, 50m. Chromosomes 12x, 30x, 60x, 100x, 500x, 1000x. Collective Miasms: Psorinum, Sycosis, Syphilinum 500x, 1000x, 2000x, 50m.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4 in


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