Food / Liquid Energizer Card


The Food and Liquid Energizer Card protects the natural healthy balance of foods and drinks. This energetically imprinted holographic pattern protects supplements, energetic formulas and essences. It rebalances any food or liquid you consume and protects your supplements from depleting EMF effects and other toxins.

Product Details

  • Size: Large card (6” square) radiates a 6’ circular energy field


Food / Liquid Energizer Card

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Clear and energize what you eat and drink

The Food/Liquid Energizer is programmed with a hologram that radiates a range of permanently imprinted vibrational frequencies specifically for foods and beverages.

When the vibratory level of the energy in food, liquids or supplements is heightened, a positive change in the energy structure of food or liquid occurs. Energetic disturbances are harmonized, and life force is raised within minutes.

  • Restores vitality to foods and liquids
  • Clears toxic residues
  • Raises the nutritional value
  • Improves digestion and energy after meals
  • Keeps foods fresh longer and enhances flavors
  • Enhances supplements

How foods and liquids are changed

The level of vitality in a substance before “charging” will influence the degree to which the item can be enhanced. Charging healthy, vital foods will increase their value tremendously — the life force is enhanced and the toxic effect is lessened. Depleted foods do not absorb as much energy from the Food/Liquid Energizer, but toxic patterns will be neutralized, and the life force raised to whatever degree is possible. The card can also be used in the refrigerator or pantry to keep foods fresh longer.

Choosing the right size

The large six-inch card works on foods or liquids within three feet of the card. Use it in the kitchen for charging groceries, preparing meals or treating pet food.


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