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Indication: Circulatory disorders

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1 fl. oz.

Indication: Circulatory disorders

Ingredients: Niacinum, Niacinamidum 2x. Adrenalinum, Camphora 4x. Aorta Valve, Ferrum Metallicum 6x, 12x, 30x. Thrombin, Proteolytic Enzymes 8x, 24x, 30x, 100x. Stannum Metallicum 8x, 24x, 50x. Sulphur, Heloderma, Aesculus hippocastanum, Crotalus horridus 12x. Tabacum 12x, 24x. Arterial Tissue 12x, 30x. Baryta 20x. Arnica montana 100x.

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