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The SafeSpace Smart Patch attaches directly to your cell phone or other EMF-generating devices. You carry it with you wherever you go to help clear away and protect against the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation.


Product Details

  • Size: 5/8 inch two per pack
  • Range on mobile devices: Radiates a six ft protective field
  • Range on electronics: Radiates a transformative field into the appliance wiring

Smart Patch

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Converts harmful radiation to biologically safe EMFs

The laboratory-tested SafeSpace Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize radiation from wireless technologies, electronics and appliances. The Smart Patch converts the interfering radiation, immediately sending a coherent life-enhancing field through the device.

Creates a six-foot protective field

The patch’s non-electric metal substrate hologram has been permanently encoded with frequency information that interacts with and neutralizes the damaging effect of the incoherent energy from EMFs. When you affix it to the device, it begins to work immediately. It does not need to be replaced, and it works on devices stored inside cases. The patch radiates a six-foot protective field around the device to keep you crystal clear.




SP strip

For use on smart phone, tablet, laptop, electronic device or appliance.

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Proven protection

Testing the SafeSpace™ Smart Patch on human DNA at Quantum Biology Labs proved that the patch not only neutralized the detrimen- tal effect of the electromagnetic radiation on human DNA, it improved the DNA recovery process beyond the control.


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