All of the Quantum Biofeedback Systems (QXCI, SCIO, INDIGO, EDUCATOR and PRO EDUCTOR are Registered under Neuro-feedback and Biofeedback technologies and are Class 2 Devices.

Establishment Registration & Device Listing:

Proprietary Name: Educator; Eductor
Classification Name: DEVICE, BIOFEEDBACK
Product Code: HCC
Device Class: 2
Regulation Number: 882.5050
Medical Specialty: Neurology
Registered Establishment Name: NATURE, SCIENCE, AND YOU
Registered Establishment Number: 3010402953
Owner/Operator: Nature, Science, and You
Owner/Operator Number: 10044836
Establishment Operations: Manufacturer

The Pro Eductor Cybernetic System is registered for therapeutic use for muscle re-education, stress and pain management. Only a licensed diagnostician can diagnose a severe clinical disease.

Some examples of CPT Codes, and therapeutic applications currently used by doctors, clinicians and technicians for biofeedback therapies include:

• 99214 may be used for a physical ailment

• 90901 biofeedback training general

• 90911 EMG biofeedback

• 90875-90876 Psycho-Physiological therapy