Risks of Homeopathic Utilization

Masking a major disorder:

This may provoke a patient to not seek proper medical care. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention; always work with a doctor’s supervision for maximum safety. Try to choose a physician who is reverent of nature and reluctant to use synthetics.

Alcohol sensitivities:

If alcohol sensitive, the homeopathic drops may be put into a 3 oz. glass of warm water. Allow 1 minute for alcohol to evaporate. If the problem persists, alcohol sensitive persons may also get these remedies in pills without alcohol upon request.


A Proving is a symptom caused by a homeopathic, and it is usually mild in appearance. If the homeopathic is terminated and symptoms abate in 24 hours, it could be a proving; if symptoms continue after 24 hours, then it is unlikely they were caused by the homeopathic. It is natural for modest symptoms to be exhibited during the healing and cleansing of the body. When symptoms grow in intensity or for prolonged length of time seek professional help.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) regulations, which stipulates how remedies should be manufactured, dispensed and utilized by homeopathic practitioners. The remedies in this catalog are registered with the FDA and follow HPUS guidelines.