Regarding the Remedies

The Dr. Recommends remedies have been developed with several advantages:

Ease of Use. Dr. Recommends remedies are designed to be easy to learn and use.

Safe. Dr. Recommends remedies are engineered to be safe – first don’t hurt.

Effective. Dr. Recommends remedies are statistically tested for the highest degree of efficacy. Our continuing statistical evaluation ensures Dr. Recommends remedies work.

Affordable. Dr. Recommends remedies are affordable.

Quality Control. These quality control measures assure consistently safe and effective remedies.

Special Orders. White Dove Stocks over 5,000 remedies, and makes special order singulars and combinations for doctor use.

High Quality Service. White Dove is committed to the best possible service.

FDA Registered. Dr. Recommends remedies are registered with the FDA (NDC numbers) and in Canada (DIN numbers) and the Common Market.

Global Distribution.White Dove distributes to professionals all over the world.

Networking and Education. White Dove offers doctor networking and a wide variety of educational seminars and video access.

Within this catalog are the most dramatic homeopathic remedies ever engineered. The theories of Dr. James P. Isaacs, the foremost authority on trace minerals, have been instrumental in developing some of the White Dove products. Trace elements have profound biological effects, and when used in conjunction with scientifically developed sarcodes, nosodes, and isodes, White Dove offers the most effective homeopathics in the world today.

The Dr. Recommends remedies combine high potencies with lower potencies in a polychord blend. This unique, scientific combining ensures the safety and effectiveness of the homeopathic remedies. All Dr. Recommends remedies are made using our patent pending manufacturing process which activates electrical, synergistic, polymorphic, and energetic potentials, This process increases the energy so effectively that electronic duplicators and imprinters cannot duplicate the formulas. Remedies are designed to blend with each other and work together for health, safety and ease of use. Any contraindication to the mixing of the remedies will be noted.