Duplicated Remedies

As we have discussed, there are several possible modes of information transfer. Duplicators work on a supposed magnetic transfer. In mode number one, which involves chemical action, magnetics would not work for information transfer. In modes number two and three, the mechanical force of succussion could change electron or molecular quantic states. Magnetics cannot effect this change. If magnetics could indeed do so, then homeopathy would be useless. The magnetic interference from a TV set or a telephone would alter or compromise the information. Transport of a homeopathic through the magnetic field of the earth would change the information and nullify homeopathic effectiveness. As mentioned, duplicated remedies show no change in freezing patterns or in Kirlian photography. Duplicated remedies are probably a placebo response at best. To test this supposition, a double blind experiment was conducted.

Procedure: 35 patients where chosen from a naturopathic doctor’s practice. All patients were using homeopathics on a regular basis and knew what results to expect. Some patients used a Candida nosode to control bloating or other body symptoms; others used Belladonna or Lachesis for symptoms. All were familiar with their remedy’s effect. Each patient was given either a regular homeopathic or a duplicated remedy. Each patient was also given either a placebo sugar pill, or a pill with 5mg. Narcan (Naloxone). Naloxone is used to block endorphin response and has been found to block the placebo effect in placebo responsive patients. Patient profiles were chosen to exclude those symptoms of pain as Naloxone can increase pain perception. The test was double blind with neither patient or practitioner knowing which formula was given. Patients were given questionnaires to evaluate the efficacy of the remedy. Results of the effectiveness are shown in the accompanying diagram.

Results: Tests indicated that the duplicated remedy performed significantly lower than the real remedy. The placebo blocking Narcan pill significantly lowered efficacy. Perhaps the information transfer of mode number four (multi-dimensional transfer) could account for the transfer of duplicators; the Narcan with its endorphin blocking action might also block other dimensional information transfer. Even so, the study shows a markedly decreased efficacy with the duplicated remedy. Radionic remedies have no pharmacology, quantic state or polymorphic state; thus, they are not homeopathics yet homeopathy is continually blamed for radionic remedies that fail.

Here again, quality is not of paramount importance to all homeopathic practitioners. Some prefer the greater monetary reward duplicators or imprinters provide. This lack of focus on quality and effectiveness compromises the homeopathic industry. Only through quality and dedication to developing and delivering the finest homeopathics can we truly succeed.

Only through quality and dedication to developing and delivering the finest homeopathics can we truly succeed.

Duplication Study (% Effectiveness)

Placebo Duplicated
(Imprinted) Real
Placebo 55% 63% 97%
Narcan 10% 11% 96%
Imprinted or duplicated homeopathics are not as effective or reliable as real homeopathics.